Facilities and Equipment

The amount of space in your home that you can devote to your child care program will determine the amount and size of the furnishings and equipment that you'll need to purchase. Most providers use one or two rooms in their home as program space, and the yard outside as a play area. The main idea is to make the most of the space you have!

  • Store most of your supplies on shelves — up high, to allow for more space on the floor for both children and activities.
  • Break your main room up into activity areas — dramatic play, book corner, sand table area, etc.
  • Set aside a storage space where you can store large equipment, to allow for rotation of equipment.
  • Have an area that you can use for indoor, loud, active play. Many providers use their porch, den, or living room.
  • Have a designated area for nap time. It's best to have children sleep in the same place each day.

Furnishings that you'll want to purchase include:

  • A table that seats four to six children
  • Chairs, at least one per child
  • Storage shelving units
  • An easel
  • Mats for nap time
  • A book display stand
  • Sand/water table
  • Potty chairs
  • A diaper changing table

Activity areas in your main room allow the children to focus on various developmental skills. You may choose to design your room around a particular learning activity for a few days at a time. Here are the main activity areas you'll need, with some examples of materials and equipment for each:

  • Large Motor: indoor climbing structures, play tunnels, large wooden blocks, pillows
  • Art: paints, markers, stamps and ink pads, scissors, assorted papers
  • Manipulatives: connecting blocks, lacing cards, peg boards, shape boxes, beads
  • Sensory play: play dough, shaving cream, bubbles, sand and water toys
  • Blocks: wooden blocks in various unit sizes, animal and people blocks, cardboard blocks
  • Dramatic play: dress-up clothes, housekeeping/kitchen units, puppets, dolls, play foods
  • Reading: books, audiotapes, felt boards, puzzles, alphabet blocks
  • Science: magnifying lenses, magnets, binoculars, nature objects, charts
  • Outdoor play: wagons, balls, sandbox, sand toys, tricycles, climbing structure, swing set

Page last updated: Jan 9, 2023