Phone Screenings

The first contact you have with prospective parents usually happens over the phone. Most of the time the parents are calling you to get more information about your program and to inquire about openings available. As you talk to them, you'll want to gather basic information about their child, so you may find it helpful to have a checklist of standard questions. You may want to ask parents:

  • How they heard about your program
  • The ages of their children
  • When they need care to begin
  • What kind of schedule they need (full or part-time, daily hours, etc.)
  • Have they used child care before?
  • What qualities they are looking for in a program?
  • Is their child toilet trained?

Some information you may want to share with parents includes:

  • How long your program has been in business
  • The type of program you offer
  • Your hours of operation
  • If your program is accredited
  • Information about your background

If you have openings available and would like to meet with the family, invite the parents in to visit the program, with or without their child. Schedule a time when you can show them around and conduct a detailed interview.

Page last updated: Aug 1, 2013