Parent-Provider Conferences

Parent-Provider conferences are a time set aside for you to discuss a child's progress and development, and for parents to ask questions of you about their child and the program. These conferences usually happen twice a year, but can occur more often for younger children. A written report should always accompany a conference meeting.

The conference meeting gives you, as a provider, the opportunity to share your observations about a child's strengths, and to make suggestions for ways that the parents can enhance their child's development at home. Other important areas to cover include showing examples of a child's work, sharing the activities that their child seems to enjoy, and stressing ways that their child has made progress over the months.

During a conference, no issue should come as a surprise to a parent. Major problems should have been addressed with the parents when they were first observed.

If additional questions come up during the conference that cannot be addressed at that time, be sure to set up another meeting or make yourself available to speak over the phone.

Page last updated: Aug 1, 2013